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 2x07 Something To Talk About

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Date d'inscription : 18/08/2006

MessageSujet: 2x07 Something To Talk About   Ven 3 Nov - 17:16

Christina, Izzie et Meredith se penchent avec grand intérêt sur le cas de Shane, un patient masculin qui dit présenter les symptômes d'une grossesse. Le personnel médical tout entier est fasciné par l'événement...
Derek a pris en charge une jeune fille clouée dans un fauteuil roulant...
Parallèlement, Alex tente de conseiller un jeune patient, lequel refuse une opération qui l'aiderait à mener une vie normale. Par ailleurs, il tente d'analyser ses sentiments pour Izzie...
Dans les Couples, Cristina et Burke discutent de rendre public leur relaton et Addison et Derek vont voir un conseiller conjugal.

Musique :
1. "Better Off Dead" by The Faders quand les autres internes parlent de Meredith dans le vestiaire
2. "Chewing Gum" by Annie quand les internes mangent
"Since You've Been Around" by Rosie Thomas quand Addison et Derek se rencontrent pour manger
4. "Other Side Of The World" by KT Tunstall quand Bailey empêche à Derek de parler à Meredith
5. "Get Through" by Mark Joseph quand Burke et Cristina parlent avant d'aller chez le chef

Citations :

Nicole: Hi. I'm Alex's charity case.
Cristina: I like her already


Alex: Hey Izzie! -- Izzie! … Hey dollface! -- Oh I was gonna ask you a favor since you know maybe you’re better with people than I am …
Izzie: No.
Alex: But you haven’t even heard what …
Izzie: No! No. You’re like a broken record. God. You’re only ever nice or friendly or anything when it’s convenient for you. So no to your favor. No to you. No.
Alex: What’s up with you?
Izzie: I put on a dress! I did my hair! I had one night off in 2 weeks and I used it on you. And what do I get? Nothing. No respect. No apology. You couldn’t even be bothered to … kiss me goodnight. You know what you’re a coward and you’re just as shallow as you seem. So I am done trying to be your friend or whatever. I’m over it.


Joe: She yelled at you?
Izzie: Yeah, but we probably deserved it. We sold 485 dollars worth of tickets for the surgery.
Cristina: Yeah.
Izzie: Did you sell more?
Cristina(pulls money out of her back poket): Oh, yeah!


(About Meredith)
Bailey: Turn around, walk away.
Derek: From what?
Bailey: From my intern.
Derek: But I wasn't--
Bailey: Yes, you were. Look, look, look, you can't do this, you don't have the right. Not anymore.
Derek: I just wanna find out if she's okay.
Bailey: She's not. She's a human traffic accident and everybody is slowing down to look at the wreckage. She's doing the best she can with what she has left. Look I know you can't see this because you're in it. But you can't help her now, it'll only make it worse. Now walk away and leave her to mend.


(On top of a roof)
Derek: You know, when you said you found a lunchspot with a view I knew I should have taken you literally.
Addison: I found it in the Best of Seattle guide. It's hardly brown bagging on top of the Empire State Building, but they do have these cute little view finders.
Derek: You always find something to complain about.
Addison: Ok, is there anything that you like about me anymore? Because if there is I really need to know.
Derek: Well, I like that you like cute little view finders in every city that you live in.
Addison: I don't live here yet.(pause) You gonna stop talking to Meredith?
Derek: I will.
Addison: When? Today? Tomorrow? Next week?
Derek: Maybe I'm not ready yet.
Addison: Are you ever gonna be ready, Derek?
Derek: What if I say "no."
Addison: Then I'm not moving here.
Derek: Well, I guess we're at an impass then.

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2x07 Something To Talk About
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