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 2x01 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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MessageSujet: 2x01 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head   Ven 3 Nov - 17:01

Cet épisode reprend ou les choses se sont arrêtées dans la fin de la saison 1. Meredith essayer de travailler avec Addison Sheperd. Meredith et Cristina se retrouvent au bar de Emerald City pour parler de leurs relations respectives. Cristina reconsidère sa relation avec Burke alors qu’elle essaye de prendre une décision Meredith est dévastée par le fait que Derek ne l’ait pas choisit. Pendant ce temps, Joe le barman s’éffondre.

Infos :

- ABC a pris la première place avec la diffusion de Grey’s Anatomy et Desperate Housewives pendant la soirée.
- Cet épisode a été regardé par 19,53 millions de télespectateurs.
- Cet épisode, tout comme les 3 autres qui suivent, faisait parti de la saison 1. ABC a décidée de raccourcir la saison 1 dans le but de diffuser ces épisodes lors de la saison 2.
- Le titre de l’épisode “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” fait référence à une chanson de chantée par Manic Street Preachers. On peut l’entendre quand Meredith se retrouve sous la pluie pendant qu’elle parle à Dereck.

Musique :
"I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow,
"Step Away From the Cliff" by Blue Eyed Son,
"All I Need" by Firstcom,
"Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well" by Mike Doughty,
"Everyday is a Holiday" by Esthero Feat. Sean Lennon,
"Feel So Free" by Ivy,
"The City" by Joe Purdy.

Citations :

(After seeing Derek and Burke argue)
Cristina (To Meredith): Mine's bigger than yours.
Alex: Whip it out, I'll measure.
Cristina: Shut up, Alex.


Derek: Addison, what are you doing here?
Addison: You're hair is different.
Derek: A lot of things are different.
Addison: It's longer, I like it, it's very Russell Crowe.
Derek: What are you doing here?

Addison: What are you doing here? You just pick up and leave everything, your house, your practice, your friends. You had a life in Manhattan.
Derek: Had.
Addison: And now you have a girlfriend in Seattle. She seems...sweet.
Derek: Go home, good night.
Addison: She's young. That whole wide-eyed ooh he's a brain surgeon thing happening, but still sweet. Which is what you were going for right? The anti-Addison.
Derek: If you came here to win me back you can forget about it.
Addison: I did I flew all the way across the country to reminisce over wedding photos, get drunk, fall into bed, and make you realize you can't live without me. Relax, Derek, I'm here for work. I'm helming the T.T.S. case you guys admitted last week. And after Richard's briefing...
Derek: Richard knew you were coming out here?
Addison: He asked me to come out here. Didn't he tell you?
Derek: No, he didn't.
Addison: Hmm, surprise.(In his ear) The hair though, you knew I always had a thing for Russell Crowe.(She walks away)


Webber: O'Malley, yell at me again and I'll snap you like a small twig.
George: Yes, sir.


Alex: Oh, sure, I'm the guy with the heart of stone but you brought snacks.
Izzie: It's a working lunch.
Alex: So nice to watch Joe die.
Izzie: He's not gonna die die, they're gonna bring him back.
Alex: He's gonna die die, like no pulse pulse, he's gonna be dead dead.


Derek: That took a lot of nerve,
Addison: Oh, come on.
Derek: Requesting Meredith...
Addison: She came highly recommended.
Derek: Right.
Addison: So you don't recommend her?
Derek: I did not say that.
Addison: Just not for your medical skills.
Derek: Oh, would you shut up.
(Meredith walks up)
Meredith: Dr. Shepherd.
Derek & Addison: Yes.


(After he overheard Cristina call Derek, McDreamy, a little later, he asks Bailey about it)
Burke: Who is Dr. McDreamy?
Bailey(Takes a long stare at Derek): I'm, Dr. McDreamy, I'm tall, I'm handsome, I like to lean against things, ponder the difficulties of datin' beautiful women..I'm trying to be a surgeon here!


(After George punched Alex because Alex gave Olivia syphillis and she gave it to George and Alex has a black eye)
Izzie: You had it coming.
Alex: The dude punches like my sister.
Izzie: Oh, so, by your definition then, you got beat up by a girl.


(After Webber tells George to be his eyes and ears)
George: (talking to himself) Oh, hi, chief. Nope, not much going on, well, other than your intern chief making out with my friend in the stairwell, but hey... sponge duty sucks.
Meredith: (walks up beside him) Talking to yourself now?
George: Yes. No. (pause) Damn it. I'm a bad sponge. A leaky sponge. I'm gonna leak all the wrong secrets. I'm a bad liar. I can't even lie about talking to myself. You look nice today.
Meredith: I wore my new lip gloss because my ex-boyfriend's wife looks like Isabelle freakin' Rossellini and I'm I'm trying to out do her when she's the victim here, how crazy is that?
George: Not crazy you know, smart, lips gloss you know prevents chapped lips. Y--you--w-was that ex-boyfriend?
Meredith: I am an evil mistress.
George: But still... you look nice.
Meredith: Thanks. What are you doing here?
George: Well...uh--
Meredith: Come on, O'Malley, out with it.
George: Well, could you think of any reason, any reason at all why Cristina would be kissing Burke?


Alex: You don't want to go to County. I mean here they know how to kill you and bring you back, but at County they just know how to kill you.


Burke: You don't want to go out to dinner, you don't want to meet me in the on-call room and you sure as hell don't want to talk to me. I could pretend I know, but hey, I don't even have your home phone number. So tell me - what do you want?


Meredith: All right, details. You're pregnant? What are you gonna do?
Cristina: Well, you know what happens to pregnant interns. I'm not switching to vagina squad or spending my life popping zits. I'm too talented, surgery's my life.
Meredith: Which begs the question, who are you sleeping with?
Cristina: Just a guy.
Meredith: That's all I get? You can't just bring somthing like this up and expect me to drop it.
Cristina: Well, watch me.
(She walks over by Izzie and George)
Izzie(To Meredith): Why are you back here tonight? You don't have a date with McDreamy?
George: More like, McMarried.

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2x01 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
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